Lynn Ramsey and John Lamkin opened Street Restaurant to rave reviews in 2000. Their vision was an inviting neighborhood spot that complements the energy of upper Polk Street, where their friends and neighbors could enjoy the best ingredients of the northern California seasons. Since then, Street has become a destination for locals and visitors alike, featuring an accessible menu focused on the highest quality ingredients, including house-made artisan breads, sausages, pates, smoked meats and fish, and desserts.

John Lamkin and Sous-Chef Dakota Coburn combine classic American comfort food with dishes inspired by some of their favorite neighborhood restaurants on other “Streets” around the world, drawing from Pacific Rim, Mediterranean, and Pan-Latin cuisines.

Featuring opposing walls of poured cement and warm red paint, extraordinarily high ceilings and colored concrete floors, Street’s décor is both organic and energetic. The kind of place where old friends can relax and new friends can be made.

Our food is excellent, our wine list is thoughtful, our drinks are strong, and our service is unpretentious. A place for a cocktail, a glass of wine, or a fine meal. We look forward to serving you. Eat at Street.

Street Restaurant | 2141 Polk Street in San Francisco | 415.775.1055

Cocktails at 5:30P and Dinner at 6:00P | Closed Mondays | No Reservations