SF WEEKLY "The reception is so friendly that after a couple of visits you'll feel like a treasured regular. The changing menu of classic American bites served with care and unexpected flashes of wit is good enough to warrant repeat visits. Fresh seafood is a Street specialty. The king salmon is especially light and moist, served with a dab of tomato butter, mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, and string beans. The dreamy grilled ahi is also served with mashed Yukons, but it takes on an entirely different flavor thanks to its accents of toy box tomatoes, arugula, dill, and sevruga caviar. Best of all are the sweet, plump Gulf prawns served in a saffron-scented lobster broth poured over the establishment's buttery, thick, house-made pasta. The best dessert option -- and the best thing on Street's menu -- is the bread pudding, an amazingly silky concoction studded with dates and pecans and draped with a thick caramel sauce. Among the specialty cocktails are a particularly verdant Mojito and the sweet 'n' bracing Lingopolitan, a Cosmo made with lingonberry-infused vodka."

SAN FRANCISCO MAGAZINE Three Stars: Excellent "A couple of appetizers-like a pillowy, slightly sharp goat-cheese soufflé and a platter of silky pâté with buttery toast-go down so easily, you'll want to order another of each and call it a meal. Move on. The menu changes regularly, but the kitchen stays on target with well-thought-out entrées like pasta al ceppo (thin tubes) smothered with bits of braised lamb in a meaty jus and topped with finely crumbled herbed feta…the Russian Hill newcomer is a lively, reliable neighborhood joint."

SOMA MAGAZINE "A neighborhood restaurant with homey dishes and relaxed service, the perfect place to share calamari and a cocktail or two…Alaskan halibut and ribeye steak that soothe the fusion-weary soul…All in all, it's a solid choice…"

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE "The fried calamari is some of the best in the city. Rings and tentacles are coated in the lightest of batters then fried just until tender and slightly crisp…Spicy hummus is another winner, with a thicker texture than some versions but excellent flavors punched up with cayenne pepper…For dessert go for the sensational pecan pie, its rich, nutty filling sitting in a sturdy but tender crust."

CITYSEARCH Editors Pick: "Service is amiable, swift and pleasantly attentive, and prices are low enough to merit regular visits…Crunchy buttermilk fried chicken (a Sunday special) would do any farm wife proud, with sides of creamy mashed potatoes, pan gravy and tangy coleslaw…Bistro treats like steak frites or braised lamb shanks could easily pass for parisian…Desserts, including an exemplary pecan pie, are naughtily rich."

Street Restaurant | 2141 Polk Street in San Francisco | 415.775.1055

Cocktails at 5:30P and Dinner at 6:00P | Closed Mondays | No Reservations